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an inborn, natural life system

The Gurutatwa is a basic element, which provides guidance to entire universe. It is an essential natural instinct of all living beings. Humans have lost the natural synergy with Gurutatwa. The art and science to establish this synergy is Gurutatwayoga.

Attainment of Gurutatwayoga leads to long and healthy life with happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

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Founder Member

Mr. Abhaykumar Sardar

Mr. Abhaykumar Gangadhar Sardar was born on February 22, 1940, according to the Indian Lunar calendar it is the full moon day of the month of Magh, in the city of Pune, India. His schooling and his architectural education took place in Pune.

He has always been introvert. Getting lost in deep thoughts to explore unknown has been his nature. So, while trying to get the bearing of the unknown, he realized that there is a guiding principle in the nature itself, that tries to maintain the equilibrium in the nature and the mutual loving relationship among all species, so that the universal drama will proceed in accordance with its’ (principle’s) original conception.

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Gurutatwayog Sadhana (Meditation)

Gurutatwayog Sadhana is conducted every day in the meditation hall of Gurutatwayoga trust. It contains a brief narration about the way of life according to Gurutatwayoga as well as simple prayers attained by proponent of Gurutatwayoga, Mr. Abhaykumar Sardar from his Guru.

Shuddhi Mantra: Purification (Shuddhi) means transformation of inauspicious, harmful, unfavorable surroundings, which are undesirable, negative for self and universal life stream into exuberant, blissful, pleasant and nourishing atmosphere. If this chant (Mantra) is recited with utmost faith and devotion, all living beings are inspired to develop positive will power and perform good deeds. Total purification takes place both at all subtle and pervasive levels of cognition.